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With belt buckles, we know the feeling, sometimes you just have to go big or go home. Our huge belt buckles are several times bigger than the average buckle and are virtually guaranteed to grab attention. Our huge lion head belt buckle is almost big enough to be a belt, not a buckle!
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Huge Belt Buckles

What is the point of wearing something unique like a specialty design belt buckle if no one is going to see it? The answer is there is no point. Big belt buckles are always in style, and there are so many trendy styles to choose from. They are just light enough to keep you from developing the shuffling, bent-over gait of Quasimodo, but large enough to elicit impressed gasps of "Who dat is?" from bystanders.

We offer a wide assortment of big belt buckles , including a vast collection of huge belt buckles for those people who want to wear their buckles loud and proud. Take, for example, our Large Championship Rodeo belt buckle. You jump on a steer wearing this bad boy, and the competition will quickly become about whether or not the bull can stay on its feet for eight seconds.

Perhaps our grandest belt buckle is our Huge Lion's Head belt buckle. This magnificent belt buckle measures 9" across. Hey, the king of the jungle should have the largest belt buckle, don't you think? Of course, this huge belt buckle -- and all the other aforementioned huge belt buckles--are just needles in the much larger haystack of choices at

With our belt buckles, you will be large and in charge!

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